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The McCall Hiking Club was founded in 2003 to explore and enjoy the magnificent country surrounding McCall, Idaho, in the heart of central Idaho.  We seek to educate ourselves and the public about the availability and nature of these great hiking trails and to share information concerning the history, flora, and fauna of the area.


Hikes are planned monthly to include a variety of easy to difficult routes. Also, there are often hiking style choices on each day - - from casual and social hiking to serious thigh burning workouts.

Well-mannered dogs are allowed on certain summer hikes specially designated as dog hikes, and dogs are welcome on October and snowshoe hikes.


Summer hikes begin in June, on Wednesday and Saturday, and continue through September.Winter events are planned for January, February and March.

The club continues to add kayaking, dog hikes, bicycle days and camping trips.  Winter activities include snowshoeing, cross country skiing and a ski social at a local resort.

Visit our Weebly Site for currently scheduled hikes, upcoming socials, photos, and contact information.

McCall is surrounded by forests, lakes and wilderness that is generally easy to access.  The Payette National Forest is east and west of McCall, and the Boise National Forest is south of the Payette.  Adjacent or near to these areas are the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area, and the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, just to name a few  of the more well-known areas.  With over 20 million national forest acres aggregating almost 40% of Idaho, third in acreage only to California and Alaska, central Idaho offers a tremendous opportunity to outdoor enthusiasts.

The McCall Hiking Club is a not-for-profit club, founded by members who share similar interests in the great Idaho outdoors.  Today, we are about 126 members small and we welcome new members!

"Hiking is a metaphor for life: we climb our inner mountains and seek quiet meadows within our souls.  I started the hiking club because I love to hike and my husband would rather play golf.  I didn’t want to hike alone.  Enjoying my fellow hikers is a big part of the picture.  In the mountains I summon peace and a quiet beauty. A friend once said, “Trails are like a collection of recipes that only nourish when acted on; they are meant to be walked, not merely acknowledged.” By trail’s end I feel I have accomplished something of real value while participating in an activity free from pretense.  Reach beyond your daily routine and enjoy our club." Club Founder, Susan Waters

 Join us for a hike or two to see if you'd like to become a member!

Membership includes an e-newsletter, events and outdoor fun with friends.

 "Every trail has a personality"


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